02 Days Chimps Trek in Kibale Forest National Park, 2 days chimps trek tour with chimpanzee tracking tour in Kibale, Uganda. The 3 days chimps’ tour also includes tracking 13 primates in Kibale and holiday and both luxury lodges, hotels and budget low price accommodation camps.
2 Days Chimps Trek in Kibale Forest National Park with chimpanzee tracking tour in Kibale national park and the major attractions in this park are chimpanzees; the delightful apes are the most closest to human beings than any other living creature. These can be seen swinging in the tree branches as one trek through the forest trails. 

This will also includes tracking 13 primates in Kibale and holiday and both luxury lodges, hotels and budget low price accommodation camps.


Day 1: Briefing and Transfer to Kibale Forest

Briefing on the safari as we drive to Kibale National Park for Chimps
Briefing on the safari before we drive westwards towards Fort Portal to the Kibale Forest National Park (about 5 hours). Traveling on both asphalt and unpaved roads, you pass through traditional Ugandan Villages where you see people at work tending their traditional crops of millet, sorghum, beans and maize. The lush rolling hills of this region provide good “photo opportunities”. As you approach Fort Portal in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, you enter Uganda’s famous tea plantation region.

A carpet of green spreads before you, as far as the eye can see, and seems an unusual contrast to the countryside through which you have just passed. You arrive at Fort Portal, then, continue toward Kibale Forest, one of the great African rainforest research reserves. Years of study by scientists (who have cut a grid through the forest) have habituated many of its animals to human observers. This forest is famed for the variety of primates found here and it is a terrific area for birds. This rural Ugandan town (Fort Portal) is locally famous for its weaving and basketry, and we can spend some time briefly to examine some of this local art.travel-explore-africa-chimpanzee-photo
In the afternoon we visit a nearby forest swamp that is excellent for viewing primates and other forest animals. At the Eastern edge of Kibale forest is Bigodi Wetland sanctuary which is maintained by the local community. You will expect birds like the great Blue turaco, blue monkeys, baboons, otters, mongoose, bush bucks, bush pigs and among others.

Day 2: Chimp Trekking in Kibale Forest

Chimpanzee tracking, tracking over 12 primates in Kibale Forest National Park
Assemble at Kanyankyu River camp at 0800hours to go for the most popular activity in this park which is Chimpanzee tracking. Chimpanzees are man’s closet cousins though they are one of the most threatened primate’s species. More primates like Black and white Columbus monkeys, L’Hoest Monkeys, Grey cheecked Mangabey, Red tailed monkeys, bush babies, pottos and many bird species like the yellow spotted nicator, rumped tinker bird, Little greenbul, green breasted pitta, the crowned eagle, black bee eater and mammals like Elephants can be seen in this walk.
Depart from the Chimps Trek Park Kibale Forest, transfer to Kampala

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